What if MONEY is never a problem?

Yes I know we've thought of it that way... but that's when we've gotten wrapped up in thoughts, feelings and emotions... all those "meanings" we give money, makes us suffer beneath the weight of it all.  What if we add a little humor (✨lightness) to our points of view of money? Makes it all far less significant and mean less so we ares less mean to ourselves.... 

I know I have had my financial ups and downs, feasts or famines you could say.  I noticed something interesting about me and money.... 💰 I get so wrapped up in money worries, money problems, creating money, moving money from place to place ... that I don't create other possibilities becuase I'm literally distracting myself from creating something fabulous and from being the greatness I am.  I doubt I am the only one. How many of us are bored enough to create money as a sense of significance and trauma in our lives? Hey, does that still work or shall we change something here?  There are so many amazing tools to use to change our money. Lots!

One of my favorites is the How to Become Money Workbook - which by the way is not a book you read once or twice. It is book you listen to and review and reread and revisit very regularly.  The book is quite small and is a transcript of a phenomenal class which took place in 1996.  It is as relevant now as it was then.

How often will you read it?  You can follow along with me in this video: HOW TO BECOME MONEY WORKBOOK VIDEO

And pick up your copy of the book right here
in English  How To Become Money Workbook - BOOK  and in SpanishComo Convertirse en Dinero Libro de Trabajo (Spanish) - BOOK

So grab a copy - and read along with me, okay? Let's change this....