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What are the Access BARS®?

For me.... the Access BARS® are a mental detox. They have given me more ease than pracically anyting else on the planet - far more than any trip to the psychiatrist's office or any medication I've taken.

The Access Bars® is an energetic hands on body technique. It involves lightly touching the 32 points or energy ‘BARS’ on the head, each of which corresponds to a particular area in your life. This light touch allows all the judgements, points of view, limitations, thoughts, feelings and emotions about these areas of your life to be cleared, allowing your life to totally change, the way you to respond to things to change, and allowing your life to begin to become easier, and you to be happier… How does it get any better than that?

Sessions are generally 1.5 hours long and are $150. These sessions are in person only - please call +502-4011-7560 to set up your appointment.

For more about the BARS® Click HERE , HERE, HERE (do you see me in the video?) and HERE

What would it be like to be in touch with your body again?

What if there is a totally different way of BEing with your body?

What if you  would get back in touch with your body and ask what IT knows?

Rather than deciding and projecting onto it what your mind THINKS it needs...?

What would it be like if you asked your body about everything connected to it?

Are you willing to Listen to it? Honour it? Trust it? Be Grateful for it?

This is a process of unfolding and allowing and being vulnerable with my body. It is something I have begun to explore over the past few months. I wish I had known earlier these tools about bodies, and how easy it can be to change things...

Join me for an initial private session utilizing the energetic Body Processes from Access Consciousness to see what else is possible for you and your body.

What if your body could readjust itself to what is knows to function beyond limitation? 

The body itself is a natural healer - it is only our points of view that get in the way of this occurring all the time. There are many hands on body processes - so we will see what is going on and then choose the body process(es) required through interaction directly with your body.

Incredibly dynamic for creating change and wellness in the body. Many seemingly impossible illnesses and injuries have been changed and 'healed' through the use of these body processes.  If the body can create it, then it can also UNcreate. I've seen it so many times over the last few years.

Would you like to learn how? Sessions are 1.5 hours long and are $150. Call me at +502-4011-7560 to schedule your in-person session.

The Symphony sessions are an energetic sessions that invites and allows a symphony of possibilities for the client. As if they are a conductor, the practitioner 'conducts' the life of the client by accessing their energy, allowing the shifting of energies no longer required and invitation of the new. Incredibly dynamic change is possible as a result.

Would you like to experience this?

A 30 minute session includes both verbal clearing and a symphony session and is $100

A 60 minute session including both verbal clearing and a symphony session is $200

Call me at +502-4011-7560 or email rachel@silbers.com to schedule your session.

Book online if you prefer!

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