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My name is Rachel and I am a change agent, an author, a radio show hostess, and a facilitator of Access Consciousness.

I am so grateful for the tools of Access Consciousness and I include them in my life each day letting go of who I thought I was while becoming more of me. Sounds woo-woo, eh? What if it is actually quite pragmatic? 

You see... I've screwed up plenty. I've given up more times than I can count. I've been diagnosed and medicated  yet I've known something greater is possible. So rather than fixing my life (and judging myself for being wrong in the process) I began choosing to create something different - something that actually works for me. I delved in and began using the tools of Access Consciousness and became aware of what is true for me, and what isn't. I began asking questions. I began following the energy. And I began choosing JOY.  Every day I ask - what else can I create? What else is possible beyond anything I've never imagined?  That's a far leap from the depressed woman who was diagnosed as Bi-Polar. 

So is now the time for YOU to choose more of you? And choose to have EASE and JOY? How about no longer judging yourself and even celebrating being the brilliant gift you be in the world? As Marianne William says, "the world won't step into its greatness until we step into ours."  If I can be a contribution in your life, do reach out - I facilitate private sessions in person or on-line. I also love traveling so if you would like to host classes for me in your part of the world, I’d be delighted! What are the infinite possibilities?

Facilitó también en español, si sientes mas comodo. Puedes conocerme y mi amiga Yuryra Guzman con nuestras Hangouts de POP TU BURBUJA. Ya miraste la primera Extravaganza de Access Consciousness en español - SEDUCIENDO LA CONCIENCIA? Podrías encontrarlo aquí.  Me encantaría conocerte en persona un día!All of life comes to us with EASE and JOY and GLORY!!! Toda la vida viene con Facilidad, Gozo y Gloria!

♛ Besitos!


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  1. Rachel, has resultado inspiradora para mí, en muchos sentidos. Te cuento dos: mi preferencia alimentaria también es el vegetarianismo, aunque no soy estricta. Escucharte en un video con Rebeca hablar del tema resultó muy ligero para mí. Gracias! Y ahora, la siguiente frase en tu presentación : “Empecé a seguir la energía. Y comencé a elegir ALEGRÍA.” me hizo burbujear, porque a punto de cumplir 68 años, ésa es la etapa que elijo transitar. Gracias, desde lo más profundo de mi ser! QMEP?

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