Access Consciousness BARS®

What are they anyway?

For me.... the Access BARS® are a mental detox. They have given me more ease than pracically anyting else on the planet - far more than any trip to the psychiatrist's office or any medication I've ever taken. (I was diagnosed as Bi-Polar when I was in University.)

The Access Bars® is an energetic hands on body technique. It involves lightly touching the 32 points or energy ‘BARS’ on the head, each of which corresponds to a particular area in your life. There are 'BARS' that relate to joy, sadness, control, creativity, money, healing, sexuality, aging, communication... with so much stored in there, is it a wonder our mental wheels are often grinding?

A session of the Access Bars® involves laying back, relaxing and receiving while the facilitator or practitioner touches and activates the points on your head with a gentle touch. This light touch allows all the judgements, points of view, limitations, thoughts, feelings and emotions about these areas of your life to be cleared, allowing your life to totally change, the way you to respond to things to change, and allowing your life to begin to become easier, and you to be happier… It is easy, relaxing, and nurturing. Your mind let's go and you drift into a meditative state. Sometimes you even fall asleep. I've been known to wake up from my own snoring when I have my Bars run and I have seen it with clients too.  It is an invitation to a space we don't often enjoy  ~ a space of deep relaxation ~ how does it get any better than that?

Sessions are generally 1.5 hours long and are $150. These sessions are in person only - please call +502-4011-7560 to set up your appointment.

For more about the BARS® Click HERE , HERE, HERE (do you see me in the video?) and HERE.


More about the Access BARS® Class...

Would you like to learn how to run the Bars®?  If you are a parent – imagine the ease in school for your kids…. If you are a healer – you will see faster changes than you have ever seen possible!  The Bars® are a FULL day class.

More about the Bars® with music EN ESPANOL and in English (can you find me in the video?) and here Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, a neuroscientist explains his experience with the Bars® in English with Spanish subtitles and here is a word from the founder and co-creator of Access Consciousness©. Can you tell I am excited?

Yes, the Bars® have changed my life. And they can pretty much change anything – especially where you’ve been stuck. Would you like to receive more and actually have EASE in your life and living?

During the class, you will receive an introduction to Access Consciousness and some of the tools we use every day. You will watch a DVD with the co-creators of Access Consciousness demonstrating a session. You will find the Bars® locations on your head just to become familiar with them. You will also gift two sessions to a fellow class participant and you will receive two sessions as well. After this one day class, you’ll be a certified practitioner of the Bars®. And if you'd like to after 3 Bars® classes from 3 different facilitators and a brief application with Access Consciousness, you can become a certified Bars Facilitator. Find out more about becoming a Bars Facilitator HERE.

Investment for the class is $300 per person (Global pricing applies – Guatemala pays 80%)  If you are repeating the Bars class - or are between the ages of 16-18 - you receive a 50% discount. Kids 15 and under are free and are welcome with a paying adult.

Find my upcoming Bars classes as I list them on the Access Consciousness Website - or contact me fo an impromptu class.  You will also find the monthly Bars exchanges for practitioners and facilitators listed there. I look forward to meeting you!