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There are so many possibilities! Which works for  you? What will your life BE like in 5 years if you choose one or more? Follow your truth – only YOU know what is true for  you and it will light you up!

  • The BARS Class:

Would you like to learn how to run the Bars?  If you are a parent – imagine the ease in school for your kids…. If you are a healer – you will see faster changes than you have ever seen possible!  The Bars are a FULL day class.

More about the Bars with music EN ESPANOL and in English (can you find me in the video?) and here Dr. Jeffrey Fannin, a neuroscientist explains his experience with the Bars in English with Spanish subtitles and here is a word from the founder and co-creator of Access Consciousness©. Can you tell I am excited?

Yes, the Bars have changed my life. And they can pretty much change anything – especially where you’ve been stuck. Would you like to receive more and actually have EASE in your life and living?

After this one day class, you’ll be a certified practitioner of the Bars. After 3 Bars classes from 3 different facilitators and a brief application with Access, you can become a certified Bars Facilitator.

$300 per class (Worldwide pricing applies – Guatemala pays 80%)


Foundation class follows the BARS. It takes what you have learned and builds upon it. During these two eye-opening days, everything you have assumed is true about the world around you is shaken and stirred. You learn to see the world with eyes of possibility, not limitation. You learn to become free of the sticky matrix that surrounds us and pulls us in. And yes, you’ll want to have your Bars run!

$700 per class (Worldwide pricing applies – Guatemala pays 80%)

  • LEVEL 1 Class:

You continue on a trip down the rabbit hole having the Foundation of your reality shaken and stirred…. and now it is time to receive many tools to create the life you have always known is possible.  How much fun can YOU have creating the life and living you had only dreamed of before? What if there is more possible than you have ever considered? You’ll also learn several body processes in this class that will give your body ease, space and joy – in other words – a priceless gift in being!

$700 per class (Worldwide pricing applies – Guatemala pays 80%)

(Beginning in April of 2016, these two classes will be transformed into a single 4 day class called Foundation.)

Here is an explanation about these classes that you might find helpful. 

  • Body PROCESS Classes (Processes Vary):

These are unique classes where I facilitate the energies that I work with individually in body-healing and nurturing sessions. These are practical hands-on classes so come comfortably dressed. You can experience the energies yourself and at the same time learn how to activate them to treat others.  Not only do you receive a session, you learn it as well!  There is so much space and peace and joy for our bodies available when we choose! Processes vary from immune system, lymphatic system, circulatory, flexibility, vision, sports injuries and so much more.

Q600 per class (or Q400 each for a package of 4 consecutive classes)

  • Energetic Facelift Class:

This unique technique involves using multiple energies which restore the natural flow of energy in and around the body. Interestingly, as you apply a gentle touch to the face, neck and feet, it seems as if the whole body is uplifted. You clear blocks in your energy fields, your muscles begin to relax and the skin begins to rejuvenate.  Did I mention you let go of stress too?

Those who have experienced an Access Energetic Face Lift not only look younger, they feel great …it is one of the most relaxing experiences you can imagine for your entire body!

In this one day class you will learn how to run the facelift and receive it as well. You’ll also become a certified Facelift Practitioner!

$200 per class (Worldwide pricing applies – Guatemala pays 80%)

  • Becoming MONEY!  And making it your HONEY!

What is money to you? What if money is different than you have ever imagined?  Here we take a look at your points of views and judgments about your financial situation and start to clear stuff so that we can get to a space of more choice and ease.  What if by learning a few tools, and by becoming aware of our points of view… we can change our relationship with money completely?  What if we can ask a course, a house, a car or a even a pair of shoes what they can contribute rather than figure out f we can ‘afford’ them?  If money was not the issue, then what would you choose?  You wouldn’t want that kind of ease now, would you?

Available as an intro 2 hour class. ($50 / Q400)

Available in depth as a meet once a week monthly-membership money club. ($100 per Month)

  • Right Voice For You Breakout Class

Begin the journey into YOU – that mysterious, hidden treasure you have been so determined to hide behind a facade…. behind a wall of perfection…. behind the stories about what you can or cannot do or be. What if speaking in public did not have to mean dying on stage? (Money back guarantee if you do expire while you perspire under the lights) What if it could be easy to perform in front of millions? What if you could touch so many people with the story you share? What if you could inspire the world by choosing today to be greater than yesterday?

Here is a great place to begin exploring!

$50 / Q400 per class

And my specialty class:

  • Life is how you choose to “C” it – Are you Creative or reaCtive?

What if the only thing between where you’d like to be and where you’ve decided you are stuck is how you “C”everything? Your point of view truly does create your reality and when you shift it… YOU change everything.
Would you like to have a greater awareness of what is possible for you?

➢    What if you decided to take CHARGE of your life?
➢    What if you began to CHOOSE for you?
➢    Would you look at what you’d like to CHANGE and be willing to choose something different?
➢    What CONTRIBUTION are you willing to be and to receive?
➢    What would it be like to be out of CONTROL?
➢    What would you like to CREATE?

During this 2 day specialty class created by Rachel Silber, we’ll be using tools and processes from the treasure chest of Access Consciousness® to discover how your life and living can be the brilliance you’ve always known is possible. Is it time for you to step into more? What would you like to create?
What are the infinite possibilities?
It’s your life!
You CHOOSE what you’d like it to be!

$500 per class (Worldwide pricing applies – Guatemala pays 80%)

Did you know I facilitate classes and sessions in Spanish too? Yup! It’s true! And I also play with Yuryra Guzman in a series of videos called POP TU BURBUJA in Spanish – so you can step out of your limitations and into all of you! Ready?